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The Assistant Maintenance Manager serves The Colony at California Oaks Homeowners Association under the direction of the Facilities Maintenance Manager.  Responsibilities of the position involve daily event set-ups and assisting with general maintenance operations to include, but is not limited to, custodial and audiovisual set-ups, overall repairs and maintenance of Association buildings and common areas, carrying out the preventative maintenance plan, monitoring onsite maintenance and assisting in the oversight of maintenance related contractors and vendors, performing general facility, building and equipment repairs and overseeing the orderly storage within the facilities and grounds.  Helps to ensures that all support and services are conducted and fulfilled in a manner consistent with standards, goals and objectives of the Association. This position requires significant contact with residents, contractors, vendors, as well as employees.


  • Responsible for performing daily event and activity set-ups, maintenance tasks and general cleaning.
  • Assist the Facility Maintenance Manager as requested, directed and instructed.
  • Assist with the inspection of the facilities, infrastructure and equipment on a routine basis and report and list any and all deficiencies of maintenance and/or any repairs, as well as any adjustments that are needed.
  • Help in formulating and carrying out the Association’s Facilities, Equipment and Infrastructure Preventative Maintenance Plan.
  • Assist in monitoring onsite maintenance to ensure that all work is performed in a manner consistent with any related contract specifications and industry standards.
  • Help create and maintain records such as maintenance and service performed, inventories, as well as record and maintain as-built records, etc.
  • As assigned, assist in the oversight of contractors and vendors, performing facility, infrastructure and equipment repairs.
  • Make any general facilities and equipment repairs and provide any general maintenance and service of the facilities and equipment that can be handled and deemed appropriate to be made by in-house maintenance staff.
  • Help oversee and carry out the orderly storage of all items in all facilities and surrounding grounds and ensure that orderly storage is maintained.
  • Assist the residents at the Association’s Facilities when needed.
  • Attend any meetings, training sessions, etc. as deemed necessary and required by Associa-PCM or your supervisor.
  • Assist with special projects and other jobs and duties as necessary.

The preceding tasks and responsibilities describes many of the types of work required for this position.  Associa-PCM reserves the right to add, eliminate, modify or change the type of work and responsibilities required for this position at any time.


  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in general knowledge of facility and building maintenance (documentation, safety, required reporting, regulations, etc.). High school diploma required.
  • Experienced in maintenance required.
  • Operate all tools and equipment in a safe manner that will not cause harm to oneself or others.
  • Must be handy in all phases of maintenance work.
  • Execute good computer and technical operating skills.
  • Perform Audio Visual Equipment setup and troubleshooting diagnosis.
  • Be organized, detail-oriented and be able to prioritize.
  • Function effectively under stress and interruptions.
  • Use good interpersonal skills in order to deal effectively with a variety of personalities.
  • Practice patience, self-motivation and adaptability under difficult situations.
  • Be accountable and responsible for one’s own work.
  • Work and complete assignments on time with minimal supervision.
  • Operate a vehicle in conditions, which sometimes can be hazardous, in a safe manner without injury to oneself or others.
  • Implement good written and verbal skills.
  • Multi-task and work under a fast pace environment which may include frequent interruptions, changes and delays.
  • Remain focused and work effectively, efficiently and cheerfully under such circumstances.
  • Work extended hours, days, weekends, and holidays when necessary.
  • Possess and maintain a valid current California driver’s license and clean driving record.

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