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"iHire did a great job."

Brian - They did a great job

"iHireManufacturing provided me with many job opportunities."

Alex S.

La Puente, CA
"....I am excited for the opportunity received to challenge into industry world. I want thank the iHireManufacturing team for making this possible...... "

Juan R.

Brownsville, TX
"Shamrock hired me!! Life changing"


Tempe, AZ
"Gave me regular updates and options helping me to pursue jobs !"

Roy N.

Lansing, MI
"Thanks for providing such a nice service to job seekers and helping them with a platform where they can start their new career."

Amitkumar M.

Kendall Park, NJ
"I started a new job on Tuesday. I am working for TLC SPECIAL as a driver thank you for all of your emails! "

Gloria W.

Minneapolis, MN
"I liked the daily reports of job openings on"

Calvi Y.

Honolulu, HI
"I am pleased with the services of the site."

Ebby J.

"iHire gave me plenty of jobs to choose from."

Ivy B.

Brookshire, TX
"Thanks for the help iHireManufacturing !"

John L.

Morristown, TN
"Greatly improved my knowledge of everything that goes into job hunting."


Iola, KS
"Saved me time and effort."

Nicholas G.

Albany, OR
"I found it very helpful that you shared job possibilities. Thanks!"

John C.

Lakeland, TN
"Great website to use to find your next position. Also very easy to apply through iHire! It has a job tracker feature that remembers all positions that you apply to. "


Prairieville, LA
"Lots of jobs opportunities and great fit for my resume. Great Job guys. Thanks much. Kind regards, Suazo"

Edwin S.

Lawrence, MA
"I found a job at my local community college (MCC). Thanks!"

Jennifer L.

Waco, TX
"I was contacted by more employers on this site than on any of the others that I joined. Thanks to this site I'm starting a new career."

Philip B.

Katy, TX
"Finally after so many interviews with different companies, I received 3 job offers. "

Rodrigo G.

Spokane, WA
"Thank you for getting me a job!"


Milwaukee, WI
"iHireManufacturing kept me updated with potential career positions. "

Edward N.

San Diego, CA
"I appreciate ihireManufacturing. You have helped me greatly."

Kayla W.

Harshaw, WI
"Thanks for your assistance in my job hunt."


Taylorsville, GA
"It kept me updated on jobs in the manufacturing market."

Steve C.

Dickeyville, WI
"iHireManufacturing is one of the simplest sites to post on and navigate. It also cut to the chase when looking for a specific job. Kudos."

Tom D.

Phoenix, AZ
"iHireManufacturing provided me with excellent job leads and essentially helped shorten the job search process. It is an excellent site to monitor the job market in your target area."

Mark S.

York, PA
"iHireManufacturing provided a lot of good open jobs and I felt it was one of the best email list services out there."

Kenneth Sundstrom

Birmingham, AL