Colortech is a manufacturer of color and additive concentrates for the plastics industry. Our apparent product is a plastic pellet containing a "high" loading of pigments and/or chemical additives which, when blended with natural resin by a plastics processor, imparts the desired properties to the finished plastic part.

Colortech offers a complete line of high performance concentrates; we currently have more than 25,000 white, black, color and additive formulations, designed to meet the most demanding applications while enhancing the value of its customer's end products. The company continuously applies new polymer compounding technologies and materials advancements in the production of its polyolefin-based concentrate products.

Colortech products have broad consumer and industrial applications such as food, household product, industrial and chemical packaging, carry out, retail and trash bags, food service products such as disposable cutlery, cups, straws and plates, telecommunications (conduit wire and cable coatings) to name a few.

From subtle earth tones to vibrant reds, brilliant blues and vivid yellows, Colortech offers fast and precise color matching and custom formulation to match any color (including special effects) for a variety of applications. In addition to this Colortech produces a line of additives that includes things like antioxidants, UV stabilizers, stiffeners, flame-retardants and deodorant concentrates (to name a few) to help improve the performance of our customer's final product.

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